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Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (November 8,2009)

posted Nov 25, 2009, 9:04 PM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 25, 2009, 9:05 PM ]

First iPhone worm rickrolls jailbroken phones

via Engadget Mobile by Nilay Patel on 11/8/09

"...a hacker named ikex has created what's apparently the first iPhone worm, and it's currently infecting jailbroken iPhones across Australia.  The "ikee" worm, as it's being called, takes advantage of the fact that jailbroken iPhones with SSH installed all have the same default root password of "alpine," and once in the system it changes your wallpaper to an image of Rick Astley and then tries to install itself on other jailbroken iPhones on the network..."

Nook e-Book Reader on Back-Order

via Technology on 11/8/09

"Barnes & Noble says heavy demand for its new e-book reader is delaying shipments of the latest pre-orders of the device."

Why the mainstream media is dying

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs:

Verizon takes another swing at AT&T, puts iPhone on the Island of Misfit Toys

via Engadget Mobile by Nilay Patel on 11/8/09

"AT&T might be suing Verizon for misrepresenting its network in ads, but that doesn't seem to have dissuaded Big Red from using that same map image in this new spot, which casts the iPhone away to the Island of Misfit Toys."

Taiwan Firm Positioned for E-Reader Takeoff

via NYT > Technology by By JONATHAN ADAMS on 11/9/09

"Prime View International already produces displays for the most popular e-readers. By the end of the year, it will own the company that produces the “ink” for them."

Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (November 6,2009)

posted Nov 7, 2009, 8:13 AM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 7, 2009, 12:21 PM ]

Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 3GS vs Motorola Droid Round 2

via MobileCrunch by Greg Kumparak on 11/5/09

 “…both the iPhone and the Droid are absolutely incredible for their own reasons, and both have far too many merits for one to truly “defeat” the other…”


Ringer Volume Winner: Droid…

Camera Winner:  iPhone
Call Quality: Droid

Visual Voicemail Winner: iPhone

Mulitasking while talking on the phone: iPhone when no WiFi, Android with WiFi

Start up time Winner: iPhone

Notifications Winner: Android

The Smudge Test Winner: Tie

Media playback: iPhone

App Storage: iPhone


“…If you want a phone that just works and does damned near everything you could want and don’t mind Apple’s closed garden: by all means, get the iPhone. If you can handle a bit of complexity for the sake of flexibility and don’t mind having to tinker a bit: by all means, get the Droid…”


The DROID Invasion Has Begun…!

via The iPhone Blog by Rene Ritchie on 11/6/09

“A new, phantom menace emerges today in the iPhone world. Verizon’s massive network has opened their drop-bays, and the DROID invasion has begun…”

Google CEO: Hopefully we won't repeat Microsoft's past mistakes 

Todd Bishop / TechFlash:

“Eric Schmidt appeared on Fox Business Network tonight for an extensive interview with host Neil Cavuto, who pressed the Google CEO a couple times over whether the company has the potential to become the next Microsoft …”


What Will Google’s Newspaper Crusade Mean for Readers? BY CHRIS DANNEN

“It’s nice that CEO Eric Schmidt feels Google has a “moral responsibility” to help reinvent the newspaper industry. But how? Hyper-personalization might be the way, according to the Neiman Journalism Lab at Harvard, which pressed Schmidt for answers during the CEO’s visit to Cambridge this week…”


BlackBerry Offers Low-Hanging Fruit

via Technology on 11/4/09

“BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is particularly vulnerable in the smartphone war after Verizon Wireless's launch of the Droid phone.”


webOS School to give live "developing for webOS" webcasts

via by Robert Werlinger on 11/6/09

Iowa Code Camp ramps up on tomorrow, and the folks fromwebOS School are going to be presenting 3 sessions all about programming for webOS. If you can't catch the presentations in person, there's good news: they've decided to offer their presentations at the Code Camp for free, online, in the form of webcasts…”


PSA: Sears charging $50 less for new DROID activations than Verizon

via Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler on 11/6/09


Grading the top 10 U.S. carriers in Q3 2009

via FierceMobileContent by Jason Ankeny on 11/6/09

The post shows a chart that compares US carriers # of subscribers, Net Adds, Avg Monthly Service Revenue, Data % of Service Revenue, ARPU.


EBay Settles Suit Over Skype

via Technology on 11/6/09

“Ebay announced a legal settlement with the co-founders of Skype, allowing a planned $2 billion deal to sell a majority share in the Internet communications company to a group of investors to proceed.”


Giz Explains: Android, and How It Will Take Over the World 

John Herrman /Gizmodo:

“This week we met Motorola's Droid, the first handset with Android 2.0.  To an outsider, it just looks like another Google smartphone, but 2.0 is more than that: it's proof that Android is finally going to take over the world…”



Droid First Step in iPhone Fade Away?

via Mobility News on 11/7/09

“Showdown between Droid and iPhone could spur a 'Mac vs. PC'-like battle in the mobile world, according to one industry watcher.”


Smartphone Shipments Up, Profits Down

via Mobility News on 11/7/09

“Two studies say smartphone shipments surging, while a third says result will be lower average selling price.”

Why I'm Not Getting a Droid Today

via Wired Top Stories by Dylan Tweney on 11/6/09

“Though I’m eager to ditch my iPhone and 86 AT&T, I’m not going to switch to Verizon for the Droid. Here's why.”

Report: Apple to launch Verizon iPhone in Q3 2010

Prince McLean / AppleInsider:

“A new report citing sources in the Taiwan handset supply chain says Apple has contracted to produce a UMTS/CDMA hybrid iPhone due in the third quarter of next year that will enable the company to sell a single global handset to all carriers …”


Proof that Motorola Droid Hype was built by the media

via IntoMobileby Stefan Constantinescu on 11/6/09

“…No big lines, no big parade, nada, zip. Think we’re going to be talking about the Droid in 6 months? No. We’ll be up to our eye balls in Android 2.0 devices, and in 6 months we may even see a new, better, more hyped up version of Android from either HTC or Motorola (NYSE: MOT)…” 

The Answer Factory: Demand Media and the Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell Media Model
via Wired Top Stories by Daniel Roth on 11/6/09

“A fiendishly clever startup knows what we are Googling &mdash! then churns out thousands of cheap videos and articles to meet our every whim and wish.”

Hacker cracks latest iPhone OS, Apple starts looking for iPhone security manager

via IntoMobile by Will Park on 11/6/09  

“The cat-and-mouse game between Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and would-be iPhone hackers is about to get a little more interesting. Following the recent release of “blacksn0w,” an iPhone unlocking tool capable of unlocking new iPhone 3GS’s running the latest iPhone OS, Apple has posted a new job listing for an “iPhone OS Platform Security Manager…”


The Android Wrap: The Skinny On Droid Lines; Reviews Galore; The Small Print On Pricing

via mocoNews by Tricia Duryee on 11/6/09 

“Many are referring as this to Droid Day, the moment when Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) starts selling the Motorola (NYSE: MOT) Droid, perhaps the most highly anticipated Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android phone to date…” 

“The lines:” No lines 
“Droid Vs. Droid Eris: This may cause confusion…” 
“Is the Droid better than the iPhone?:” Opinions Vary 
“Ok, I’m sold. How much does it all cost?:” $150-$200 plus monthly $30-$75 for data plan.


iPhone vs. DROID: Which One Should You Buy?

via The iPhone Blog by Rene Ritchie on 11/6/09


“…If you’re interested in either an iPhone 3GS or DROID, here are some points to consider:”


Network: AT&T vs. Verizon

Hardware: Slab vs. Slider

Software: iPhone 3.0 vs. Android 2.0

Apps: iPhone App Store vs. Android Market

Ecosystem: Cloud vs. Cloud+

User-Experience: Design vs. Engineering

Conclusion: Which One Should You Buy?


“If you have to have Verizon, don’t need to travel internationally, love you a physical keyboard, want everything Google has to offer, are a spec-fiend, chronic multi-tasker, and want a device that’s arguably more complex but also arguably more flexible, this — cliche warning — might just be the DROID you’re looking for.”


”If AT&T and international GSM compatibility is your priority, you consider virtual keyboards to be the future, are invested in the Apple/iTunes ecosystem, want those 100,000 apps unlimited by storage concerns, are a multitouch fanatic, want to talk while you surf 3G, and want a device that arguably is controlled and compromised but is also arguably the most usable on the planet, the iPhone 3GS could be what you want.”


Verizon Droid Eris undercuts Motorola Droid on price

via Innovation by cgaylord on 11/5/09

“The HTC Droid, which will also be sold by Verizon, will reportedly get a price tag of $100, less than half the cost of the Motorola Droid.”


Droid will allow tethering, Verizon says

via Innovation by cgaylord on 11/5/09 

“According to Network World, Verizon has confirmed that Motorola Droid owners will be able to use their phones to tether.”


Microsoft tops Google, Yahoo, Facebook in worldwide Web use 

Nick Eaton / The Microsoft Blog:

“Windows Live Messenger led Microsoft's Web properties in capturing 14.5 percent of total time spent online in September worldwide, handily beating Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other sites, according to analysis firm comScore….”


Sprint offers Dell Inspiron Mini 10, too

via IntoMobile by Dusan Belic on 11/7/09 

“Sprint (NYSE: S) is the latest operator to offer Dell’s netbook – Inspiron Mini 10. The carrier is asking $199.99 for the computer on a Mobile Broadband plan and a two-year service agreement, after a $100 mail-in rebate…”


Google promotes the Moto Droid on its homepage

via IntoMobile by Dusan Belic on 11/7/09



Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (November 5,2009)

posted Nov 5, 2009, 8:47 PM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 5, 2009, 9:05 PM ]

The Associated Press Offers Platform To Publishers For Building Mobile Apps

via paidContent by Tricia Duryee on 11/5/09


“The Associated Press said today it will start helping publishers build mobile apps for a wide variety for platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia (NYSE: NOK), Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre and Windows Mobile….”

Online Media Daily: iPhone Users Sue Gaming Company For Harvesting Cell Numbers

via MediaPost | Online Media News by Wendy Davis <> on 11/5/09

“Gaming manufacturer Storm8 has been sued for allegedly collecting phone numbers of iPhone users who downloaded the company's popular games from the iTunes app store...”


Smartphone Market Continues To Grow Despite Economic Malaise

via cellular-news on 11/5/09

“The worldwide smartphone market continued to weather the economic recession and reached a new record for shipments during a single quarter.”

A Place to Put Your Apps 

David Pogue / New York Times:

“Last week, I reviewed not one, but three new phones.  You'd think that would be enough for a while, but fall is peak season for new mobile devices, and another major release — Motorola's Droid — is upon us this week...”


iPhone in China — Only 5000 Served?

via The iPhone Blog by Rene Ritchie on 11/5/09

“The iPhone finally went on sale in China last week, and according to Business Week, only 5000 appear to have been sold.” 

Mobile Inventor Unconvinced

via Dial-a-Phone by Harriet Rhodes on 11/5/09

“The man behind the mobile phone isn’t impressed with the path his legacy has taken. Martin Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone believes that the devices have become too complex…”

The decade of Steve 

Adam Lashinsky / Fortune:
“How Apple's imperious, brilliant CEO transformed American business…”


Verizon announces the BlackBerry Curve 8530

via Boy Genius Report by Michael Bettiol on 11/5/09

“Today Verizon announced that it will be carrying the BlackBerry Curve 8530 starting November 20th.”

10 Things Apple, Google and RIM Won't Tell You About Mobile Phones

via Mobile and Wireless - RSS Feeds on 11/5/09

“News Analysis: Apple, Google, RIM and the other major vendors might be enjoying the fruits of the touch-screen business, but there are some aspects of those products that they don't like to talk about. Here are 10 reasons why there is still plenty of room for improvement in mobile phone design, service and performance.”

After Earnings Spark Sell-off, RIM Plans $1.2 Billion Stock Buyback

via mocoNews by Tameka Kee on 11/5/09

“…RIM’s share price has slipped from a high of about $88 to about $59, perMarketwatch. So the company announced a $1.2 billion buy-back plan today; its first since 2005.”

Orange and T-Mobile sign off JV

via News - Mobile News on 11/5/09

“Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom finally agree to planned merger of UK network operations, two months after entering exclusive negotiations” 

Essay: Steve Jobs' Legacy Is Missing Clue to Apple Tablet

via Wired Top Stories by John C. Abell on 11/4/09

“…what he needs for his legacy is to save journalism — One Last Thing. The mythical Apple Tablet is how he'll do it.”

Windows 7 Still Vulnerable to Viruses — Durr, Really?

via Wired Top Stories by Brian X. Chen on 11/5/09

“Windows 7 can still acquire eight out of 10 of new viruses, according to a test run by anti-virus company Sophos. This shouldn't be surprising.


Verizon Finally Announces DROID Eris, $99 Available Nov 6th

via Android Central by Casey Chan on 11/5/09

 “Verizon has officially made the DROID Eris, Verizon's version of the HTC Hero, well, official. Like previous reports, the DROID Eris will release on November 6th for the low, low price of $99 (after rebate, with 2 year contract)...”


Microsoft Inks Partnership To Get Windows Mobile Into The Hands Of More Manufacturers

via mocoNews by Tricia Duryee on 11/5/09

“Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) must be feeling the heat. Today, for the first time ever, it has agreed to allow another company to distribute Windows Mobile sof

tware and other mobile applications…” 

T-Mobile USA reports 77,000 net customer loss for Q3

via IntoMobile - Cell Phone News, Information, and Analysis by Will Park on 11/5/09

“…T-Mobile USA today reported a net loss of 77,000 customers in Q3 2009. The loss is striking, compared to the same quarter last year, when T-Mobile reported a net addition of 670,000 customers…”

Ares: webOS Development in a Browser, with Drag 'n' Drop, Coming Later This Year

via by Dieter Bohn on 11/5/09

“The platform is apparently a visual studio for webOS, utilizing a drag-n-drop interface.”

“ Directly within Ares, a developer can send the app to a phone, submit it to the App catalog, or share it with others.”


Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (November 4,2009)

posted Nov 4, 2009, 7:11 PM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 4, 2009, 8:06 PM ]

Has Research In Motion's BlackBerry Lost Its Edge?

via Wired Top Stories by Priya Ganapati on 11/4/09

The author, Priya Ganapati, reports that RIM success has made it complacent. The result is that RIM has failed to innovate like its competitors, Samsung and HTC.   If RIM doesn’t turn things around it may face the same issues as Nokia.  The article suggests the following actions: scale back on number of models, add social features, better browser, make it developer friendly, become less carrier dependent.


Smartphone sales to overtake standard mobile phones by 2012

via cellular-news on 11/4/09

“Despite an estimated 10% increase in the number of worldwide mobile and Wi-Fi phones sold the second half of 2009, a 9% revenue decline is expected due to downward price pressure,”

The iPhone is the worst phone in the world 

Flora Graham / CNET News:

The author , Flora Graham,  hammers away at the iPhones’ capability as a plan old phone.  The things Flora criticizes are: poor ear phone speaker, poor mic, drops calls, fails to ring,


T-Mobile USA Says Network Back Up, But Doesn't Know Why It Went Down

via mocoNews by Tricia Duryee on 11/4/09

The author, Tricia Duryee,  reports that T-Mobile’s network went down yesterday and the cause is unknown.  This is strike two following the Sidekick fiasco.


Nokia Siemens to cut 5,700 jobs in plans to reduce costs by $730 million

via by Brian James Kirk on 11/4/09

Nokia Siemens will cut 5,700 jobs from its 64,000-person workforce in an effort to reduce costs by 500 million EUR (US$730 million). “


Apple's iPhone Hits 100,000 Apps; Two Billion Push Notifications Sent

via mocoNews by Tricia Duryee on 11/4/09

The author, Tricia Duryee, reports on Apple’s announcement that there are more than 100K apps in Apple’s app stores.  GetJar, an independent mobile phone app store with 50K apps, said downloads were 55 million in October which is more than double than last year at the same time. 


10 Reasons Why, ATandT, Verizon and All Wireless Carriers Disappoint

via Mobile and Wireless - RSS Feeds on 11/4/09

The article reports that US wireless network providers fair poorly when compared to oversees wireless carriers.  The article describes carrier shortcomings: sub par coverage, restrictive plans, uninventive phones, high data charges and no competition.  According to the author the future isn’t looking any better.


No Christmas in Palm-ville

via Digital Daily by John Paczkowski on 11/4/09

The author reports that due to competition and the confusion caused by the release of the Pixi with a similar price as the Pre, Palm’s holiday season will not be full of cheer.


Verizon to Double Early Termination Fees

via by Jonathan I Ezor on 11/4/09

“It appears that Verizon Wireless is planning on doubling its current early termination fee (ETF) for smartphone customers from $175 up to $350 beginning as of 11/15/09...”


Motorola DROID vs HTC Hero, HTC Magic, T-Mobile G1 & iPhone 3GS

via Android Central by Casey Chan on 11/4/09

The article does a quick comparison between Verizon’s Droid and it competitors: Sprint HTC Hero,  HTC Magic, T-Mobile G1 and the iPhone 3GS.  In the comparison the author highlighted that the Droid had a bigger and clearer display than the HTC Hero and the iPhone, it had a solid feel compared to the plasticy HTC Magic and it beat T-Mobile G1 in all categories. 

Motorola's Smart Droid

via Personal Technology By WALTER S. MOSSBERG on 11/4/09

The author, Walter Mossberg, reviews Verizon’s DROID.  who don’t want to switch carriers.  He describes the DROID’s strengths:  multitasking, nice style, big and clearer screen, good phone quality, good battery life,  contacts UI, He also describes its weaknesses: UI not as good as iPhone, not as many apps, physical keyboard wasn’t good and only 3 panels for apps vs iPhones 11.  Over all Mossberg gives it the thumbs up for Verizon customers who don’t want to switch carriers.  

Leaked AT&T Memo: If Anyone Asks About The Verizon Lawsuit, Just Tell Them We’re Awesome

via MobileCrunch by Greg Kumparak on 11/4/09

The article reports that in addition to filing a claim against Verizon, AT&T also sent an internal memo to its employees highlighting the strengths of AT&Ts network.

Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (November 3,2009)

posted Nov 3, 2009, 8:57 PM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 4, 2009, 7:20 PM ]

Spring Design Sues Barnes & Noble; Claims Breach Of NDA

via paidContent by Staci D. Kramer on 11/2/09

“Somehow a lawsuit had to be lurking ... Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS), which took a spin on the floor with just about everyone before announcing its own e-reader, is being sued by Spring Design for misappropriation of trade secrets and violating a non-disclosure agreement…”


AT&T Declares Color War on Verizon

via NYT > Technology by By Saul Hansell on 11/3/09

“AT&T says in a lawsuit that its cellphone coverage is misrepresented in a map in a competitor's commercial.”


Second Verizon DROID commercial stealth attacks America

via Engadget Mobile by Nilay Patel on 11/3/09 

“Looks like those iDon't ads aren't all Verizon has in store to promote the DROID: this new spot, called "Stealth," just leaked to BGR.”



Apple's Tablet PC Rumors Refuse to Die, Despite Lack of News

via Mobile and Wireless - RSS Feeds on 11/3/09 

The post reports on the rumors of Apple’s release of an iTablet.


Research In Motion Gets Focus on Bearish Plays

via Technology on 11/2/09

“Traders pounced on Research In Motion after analysts cut their rating on the BlackBerry maker, saying that increased competition from rivals could slow its growth.”


 Ken Auletta: Google Is Not Trying to Harm Old Mediai   

Patrick Phillips / I Want Media:

“Ken Auletta, the longtime media columnist for The New Yorker, explores “the roiling crosscurrents of the new media terrain” in his new book, “Googled: The End of the World as We Know It,” published this week.”


Increased Competition Threatens Research in Motion [Seeking Alpha]


Google Brings in the Social Class

via Digital Media Buzz » DMB (Staff) by mavrasin on 11/3/09

The post reports the Google’s is spreading its wings into netbook with it chrome OS and phones with Android OS.  Google’s intent is to put more users on the web so there are more users using its search engine and consuming ads.

Mobile subscribers to hit 5.9 billion in 2013, driven by China, India, Africa

via cellular-news on 11/3/09

“The number of worldwide mobile subscribers will reach 5.9 billion by 2013, reports Infonetics Research”


Sprint marketing exec talks Android, WiMAX, WinMo 7, and more

via Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler on 11/3/09 

The article reports on an interview with Sprint VP in which the Sprint exec declared there would be lots of Androids and Windows Mobile 7 when its delivered.


Motorola Droid Makes Its Debut

via Technology on 10/29/09

“Verizon Wireless said it will start selling Motorola's Droid smart phone next week for $199, the latest challenger to Apple's iPhone.”


T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR Android interface now available

via by Brian James Kirk on 11/3/09

Motorola CLIQ, the manufacturer's first Android-powered smartphone that includes the hyped MOTOBLUR custom user interface is now available from T-Mobile. 

Android-Powered LG Eve Makes Debut Rogers’ Website

via IntoMobile by James Falconer on 11/3/09

“Looking for a little more Android love north of the border? What if I told you Rogers (NYSE: RCI) has tossed the Android-powered LG Eve up on their website? Would that interest you? Well guess what partner, that’s exactly what is going down.”

Samsung Moment, Latest Android Smartphone, Comes to Sprint

via Mobile and Wireless - RSS Feeds on 11/3/09

“The Samsung Moment smartphone, now available on the Sprint network, is the struggling carriers second new smartphone to feature Googles Android operating system.”


Sony Ericsson Shows Off First Android Device

via mocoNews by Tricia Duryee on 11/3/09

“Sony Ericsson unveiled the Xperia X10 today, the handset-makers’ first device running Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android.”



via on 11/3/09

The first Smartphone to deliver the full Vodafone 360 experience ( - the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 is now available” 

The First Mobile Device Dedicated Exclusively To Twitter 

Ty McMahan / Venture Capital Dispatch:

“When the team at Twitter Inc. hatched the idea of producing a mobile device dedicated to “tweeting” they contacted Jonathan Kaplan, founder of a gadget company that experienced one of the most successful exits for venture investors in 2009.”

Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (November 2,2009)

posted Nov 2, 2009, 9:38 PM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 2, 2009, 9:49 PM ]

Sprint launches Samsung Moment, Android empire expands by one

via Engadget Mobile by Thomas Ricker on 11/2/09 

The article reports that Sprint is offering the Samsung Moment, a smartphone running the Android OS.  The author recommends waiting to see what Verizon’s Droid offering.


Chart: Top 4 U.S. smartphones compared

via IntoMobile by Will Park on 11/2/09

The post offers a chart which compares specs (storage, battery, camera, wifi, GPS, appstore, number of apps, multitasking, various plans, total cost) of the iPhone 3Gs, Plam Pre, MyTouch 3G and Motorola Droid.

Verizon to aim for the smartphone crown

via Boy Genius Report by Boy Genius on 11/2/09

The article reports that in addition to the Motorola Droid, Verizon will launch several smartphones including smartphones from HTC and RIM.  Many of the smartphones to be launched for the holiday season.

Orange UK iPhone Pricing Plans Just Say No to Price War

via The iPhone Blog by Rene Ritchie on 11/2/09

The article reports that O2’s iPhone exclusivity is over but based on Orange’s announced pricing its does not look like its going to turn into a price war. 


Price Wars Loom As Mobile Phone Market Edges Toward Recovery

via mocoNews by Dianne See Morrison on 11/2/09 

The article reports that stats from IDC amd Strategy Analytics show that the decline in handset shipments is slowing.  The author identifies the losers as Motorola, Sony, Ericsson and LG.  The author speculates that there still may be a flood of handsets on the market which will lead to price wars.


Microsoft launches Bing search for touchscreen devices

via FierceMobileContent by Jason Ankeny on 11/2/09

“Microsoft announced a new version of its Bing search engine optimized for high-resolution, touchscreen-based devices. Currently available across Apple's iPhone, HTC's G1 and Imagio, Samsung's Omnia and Microsoft's own Zune HD, the service also boasts a new Movies feature enabling users to search for movies playing nearby, complete with showtimes, overviews, trailers and video clips….”

Palm: On a Road to Recovery or a Highway to Hell?

via Digital Daily by John Paczkowski on 11/2/09

The author, John Paczkowski, highlights the rise and fall of Palm’s stock.  The nose dive is due to competition.  Palm Pre’s launch in the UK doesn’t appear to be giving it much off a boost.

Apple Singing New iTunes About Online TV Subscriptions?

via paidContent by Staci D. Kramer on 11/2/09

“The latest in subscription TV chatter: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is pitching network execs an iTunes-based monthly plan for $30, according to AllThingsD.”


 Motorola Droid challenges iPhone 3GS on the TCO battlefield

via IntoMobile by Will Park on 11/2/09

The article sites a chart which shows the total cost of ownership for the iPhone, Droid and Palm Pre.  The Droid and the iPhone have the same TCO while the Pre has the lowest TCO.

Adobe engages Apple in passive aggressive warfare with iPhone's Flash message

via Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler on 11/2/09

The author reports that Adobe is trying to stir up a grass root movement by iPhone owners to put some pressure on Apple to support Flash.  When an iPhone user visits Adobe Flash download page they get the message “Apple restricts use of technologies required by products like Flash Player...”

Apple iPhone Could Become Next Hot E-Reader, Says Report

via Mobile and Wireless - RSS Feeds on 11/2/09 

The author reports on a research note from Flurry, an analytics company, which is speculating that the rise in e-Reader apps for the iPhone may position the iPhone as the most “popular e-reader device”.  



Marvell Syncs With E Ink On New E-Reader Tech Aimed At Mass Market

via paidContent by Staci D. Kramer on 11/2/09 

“…Marvell Technology Group and E Ink are partnering on a “turnkey” tech solution based on one integrated chip called the Marvell Armada 166E…The first devices that will use the Armada are due in 2010, including Plastic Logic’s notebook-paper-sized Que for business readers;  the $490 enTourage eDGe—a dualbook that is supposed to combine E-ink reading with netbook, notepad, audio/video player and recorder; and dual-screen e-reader Alex from Spring Design, built on Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Android with E Ink and color LCD.”

Do-It-Yourself App Services Proliferate To Appeal To The Inner Developer

via mocoNews by Tricia Duryee on 11/2/09

“…A slew of intermediary platforms have sprouted up recently targeting an increasing number of people, who have ideas for new applications, but don’t have the technical skills to build them…"

“The company list includes EachScape,,,, Mobile On’s BuildAnApp, SwebApps, MobileRoadie, RhoMobile…”

“…Today, BusinessWeek wrote about the phenomenon by highlighting users of the various companies…”


Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (November 1,2009)

posted Nov 2, 2009, 7:01 PM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 2, 2009, 7:34 PM ]

IPhone Gets Tepid Reception in China

from Technology

The author report that the iPhone has been launched by Unicom in China, but so far, the shelves are still full. One explanation given is that the pre-existing iPhone grey market has put a dent in the enthusiasm.

Motorola DROID review 

Joshua Topolsky / Engadget:

A comprehensive review of the Droid with pros and cons.  Overall assessment is that it is the best Android phone to date and will please “geeks seriously happy”


E-readers May Not Solve Publisher Woes Yet

via Wired Top Stories by By Basil Katz on 10/30/09

The author discusses why the new e-readers may not be the magic bullet for which publishers are searching.  The current e-readers only perform one function, do not provide an enriched experience and are fighting the bias people have for physical books.  

Google: We don’t Make Hardware, so don’t expect a GPhone anytime soon

via Android Community by Juventino Quinones on 10/31/09

The head of Google’s Android development stated clearly that “Google is not in the phone making business


iPhone and Windows 7 don't play nice, Intel P55 chipset to blame

via Engadget Mobile by Vladislav Savov on 10/31/09

There have been a number of reports that there is a synching problem between iTunes with Windows 7 running on Intel P55 chipset.


Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 3GS vs Motorola Droid 

Greg Kumparak / MobileCrunch:
The article does an extensive comparison between the iPhone and Verizon/Motorola Droid.
  The author who is a long time user of the iPhone picked the winner in several categories like Looks (tie),  on screen keyboard (iPhone), physical keyboard (Droid), browser (iPhone), navigation (Droid), lock screen (Droid), battery life (tie), app store (iPhone), customization (Droid), camera (undetermined), screen (Droid), interface(iPhone), multitasking (Droid).  Overall the author considers the Droid a good phone for those that like flexibility and the ability to tinker and would still recommend the iPhone for those that are less adventurous and just want a simple interface.


Mobile Handsets Vendors Quietly Confident About Q4 2009

via cellular-news on 11/1/09

"The outlook for mobile handset markets continues to improve", says Jake Saunders, ABI Research's VP for Forecasting. "While 3Q-2009 showed a YoY 6.5% contraction in shipments to 291.1 million, 2009 should close out with only a 4%-5% contraction."


Verizon Droid iDoesn’t Beat iPhone on Browser, Apps, Multi-touch or User Interface

via The iPhone Blog by Rene Ritchie on 10/31/09

The author reports that Verizons\Motorola Droid has a weaker browser, has limited space for apps and does not support multi-touch like the iPhone.  According to the author this makes the Droid inferior to the iPhone.

For The Future Of The Media Industry, Look In The App Store 

Edo Segal / TechCrunch:
The author discusses the disruption in the media industry caused by Apple’s mobile products and app store and stresses that if Media companies want to survive they need to deliver more than a file.
  Media companies need to build a product with provides an  engaging experience for which people are willing to pay and not easy to pirate.



Experts Say Verizon-Motorola Droid Is No iPhone Slayer

via Mobile and Wireless - RSS Feeds on 11/1/09

The author reports on Gartner and Forrester analysts who say that Verizon/Motorola’s Dorid “is nice, but not an iPhone slayer.”



Motorola DROID headed to Germany as the Motorola MILESTONE

via Boy Genius Report by Michael Bettiol on 11/1/09

“Let’s be clear right off the bat: this is no rumor. The Motorola DROID is steaming towards a release on O2 Germany under the name MILESTONE…”


Apple Needs to Hustle with Tablet, Charge $600, Says Study

via Mobile and Wireless - RSS Feeds on 11/1/09

“With rumors of an Apple tablet reinvigorated, shopping site Retrevo released the findings of an Apple tablet study that found $600 to be the pricing sweet spot and the need for Apple to get a move on before more Mac users buy netbooks….”



Google Redefines Disruption: The “Less Than Free” Business Model 

Bgurley /

The author discusses the latest disruptive move by Google in the navigation application space.  Google is now offering turn by turn directions for free and that is a significant blow to the two mapping kings Tele Atlas and NavTeq.  It turns out that Google’s proposition is actually “less than free” because Google splits its search ad revenues with its mobile OS partners.  The author stresses that this is a difficult model for competitors to beat.


AdMob report shows Palm web use up more than 20%

via by Derek Kessler on 11/1/09

“It should come as no surprise that web usage from Palm devices is up, as the Pre us a much more competent web device than older Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices... Palm’s share of mobile internet traffic jumped from 4.1% in August to 5.0% in September, even while global smartphone traffic dropped approximately 3%. Worldwide, Palm’s share of mobile traffic increased from 1.9% to 2.4%.”


India’s Airtel offers free data usage for Samsung phone owners

via IntoMobile by Dusan Belic on 11/1/09

“India’s Airtel and Samsung are running a great campaign, offering three months of free data usage up to 100MB on select Samsung phones…”


Video: Sony Ericsson Rachael UI looks impressive!

via IntoMobile by Dusan Belic on 11/1/09

Sony Ericsson (NYSE: SNE) may have a winner with the Rachael, which is set to be announced within two days. We’ve seen the teaser clip and now it’s time to see how this baby actually works….

Mobile Wars - Weekly News Digest (Oct 25-31)

posted Nov 1, 2009, 12:37 PM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 1, 2009, 5:21 PM ]

Droid (TM) Rave

There is still lots of hype around Verizon's launch of its Droid (TM) series of Android mobile phones. It would appear that with Verizon's aggressive Ad campaign that its burning its bridge with Apple.  However, there were signals from Verizon that they'd be happy to carry the iPhone.  If both parties could get past the mud slinging, there is a technical obstacle that stands in the way of an Apple and Verizon partnership and that's the network technology in the iPhone; the iPhone radio supports GSM networks while Verizon's network is based on CDMA.   Analysts just don't think Apple is willing to re-engineer the iPhone to support Verizon's network.

Analysts also believe the sheer number of Android offerings from multiple manufacturers and multiple carriers will launch the Android OS past the iPhone.

Google continues to expand its carrier alliances.  The most recent one is its agreement with Orange who will include Google Mobile apps in Orange's Android line of phones as well as its other "signature" phones.

Sprint Shrinks

Ouch! Sprint lost 801K mobile subscribers and 484 million dollars in it third quarter.

Smartphone Market Booms

The iPhone started the smartphone craze and there is no end insight; iSuppli predicts that smartphone shipments will grow more from 184 Million in 2009 to 334 Million in 2011.

Apple's Mythical iTable 

Analysts continue to try and read between in every line uttered by Apple or anyone who might have spoken with Apple.  In an interview with Apple execs one analyst interpreted the execs' remarks as signla that Apple is not interested in creating e-reader.

Symbian Gets a Boost

Qualcomm joined the Symbian foundation; an organization that is promoting an open source mobile platform.

iPhone Lands in China's Battlefront

The iPhone has finally reached China's shores without WiFi support but with a hefty price of $1,024.

Motorola's Fortunes

Motorola Mobile device division may be still be losing money but its losing a lot less; losses went from 800+ million in Q3 last year to $183 million loss in Q3 this year.  Motorola is expecting to get a big boost with the release of its Android army; Motorola's Cliq, Dext and Droid will soon be battling  in the mobile war.  There has been lots of buzz created by Verizon's ad campaign around's Verizons November 6th release of Droid.

Nokia Retrenches

Nokia announced it is shutting down its N-Gage gaming platform; it just didn't take off as expected.

Mobile Ad Exchanges Battle

Mobclix is trying to dethrone AdMOb in the mobile ad space by offering developers a trial offer which guarantees more Ad revenue when compared to AdMob or they'll get $10K in free advertizing on Mobclix's ad exchange.

Eric Schmidt Predicts

Google's CEO,  Eric Schmidt, predicts that "real-time information will be just as valuable as all other information" and that "Chinese language content will dominate the Internet."


Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (October 31,2009)

posted Nov 1, 2009, 12:28 PM by Jim Demos

Mobile Wars - Daily News Digest (October 30,2009)

posted Oct 31, 2009, 10:46 AM by Jim Demos   [ updated Nov 1, 2009, 4:51 PM ]

Blurbs below article titles are the first few lines of the article itself:

Why the iPhone Isn't Going Anywhere

via Mobility News on 10/31/09

It's not negative ads or simply incompatible technology that's keeping the iPhone from Verizon.


Orange, Google sign pan-European mobile partnership agreement; Google one step closer to world domination

via IntoMobile by Dusan Belic on 10/30/09

Orange announced a deal with Google (NSDQ: GOOG) to bring the Google Mobile App to its customers in Europe. The multi-year agreement is made to make mobile search and geo-location services easier to use by the carrier’s customers, while at the same time helping Google become ever more powerful player in the mobile industry. This, of course, is not to say Orange won’t benefit from the deal, as well…

Sprint Nextel Subscribers Dwindling

via InformationWeek Mobility News by W. David Gardner on 10/30/09

To counter losses, the carrier is betting on Android handsets and a plan to roll out WiMax through Clearwire… 

iPhone Makes Users Want Smarter Smartphones, Says Report

via Mobile and Wireless - RSS Feeds on 10/30/09

Smartphone prices are falling as their shipment numbers increase, says a new report from ABI Research, which points to the iPhone as contributing to consumers increased interest in operating systems and software…


Apple tablet: For video, not books? 

By Philip Elmer-DeWitt / Brainstorm Tech:

Chatting with a Canadian analyst, Cupertino execs offer hints about Apple's future plans  —  Apple executives (AAPL) have strict rules about not discussing products that the company has not announced.  But they'll talk about market opportunities … 

Qualcomm Unit Joins Symbian Foundation

via InformationWeek Mobility News by W. David Gardner on 10/30/09

The move boosts the Symbian platform, which includes a mobile operating system, user interfaces, 
middleware, and various mobile applications. 

iPhone Minus Wi-Fi Goes On Sale In China For $1,024

via mocoNews by Dianne See Morrison on 10/30/09

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has long wanted to sell the iPhone in China, and today, after much negotiation, the device finally goes on sale with China Unicom….for a whopping 6,999 yuan ($1,024).

Motorola closes gap on losses

via News - Mobile News on 10/30/09

Motorola devices unit reports loss of $183 million, compared with $840 million in Q3 last year. Further financial improvements forecasted for next year based on anticipated success of Android devices


Verizon, Motorola Unleash the Droid

via Wired Top Stories by Daniel Dumas on 10/30/09

The author wasn't a fan of Motorola's Motoblur interface for the Cliq but he thinks the Motorola Droid that will be offered by Verizon meets the mark and he thinks it'll be a big success.

Admitting Defeat, Nokia To Pull Plug On N-Gage Games Platform

via mocoNews by Tameka Kee on 10/30/09

Nokia is shutting down N-Gage, its beleaguered, two-year-old mobile games service. The company will still sell N-Gage games through the end of September 2010, and players will still be able to interact via the N-Gage Arena, but after that the service will go dark. Instead, the company will focus on funneling gamers through to its Ovi Store


Around the Net In Online Marketing: Apple Tablet, Publishers Not Included?

via MediaPost | Online Media News by Gavin O'Malley on 10/30/09

The author reports that in an interview, Apple execs indicated that the publishing market was  unattractive because of  "industry structure."  The author speculates that this may mean that the mythical iTablet isn't the savior for newspapers and books.

Online Media Daily: Mobclix Issues Challenge To AdMob

via MediaPost | Online Media News by Mark Walsh on 10/30/09

Mobclix has thrown down the gauntlet. The mobile ad exchange has launched a promotion challenging iPhone application developers to compare it side-by-side with rival network AdMob.


Around the Net in Search Marketing: Eric Schmidt's Predictions

via MediaPost | Online Media News by Laurie Sullivan <> on 10/30/09

Google's CEO,  Eric Schmidt, predicts that "real-time information will be just as valuable as all other information" and that "Chinese language content will dominate the Internet."


Brief: Droid? Developer? Read On!

via IntoMobile by Ben Robinson on 10/30/09

The post encourages developers to click on the link to check out the technical specs Verizon’s Droid (

Android Army Pumped for All-Out Attack on iPhone

via Wired Top Stories by Brian X. Chen on 10/30/09

The smartphone industry keeps cranking out more Android phones. What does that mean for the smartphone landscape, especially for the iPhone? Analysts and developers offer their perspectives.


iPhone cannot win the smartphone wars
By Joe Wilcox Published October 27, 2009

Google: We're not making Android hardware 

By Tom Krazit / CNET News:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Google's Andy Rubin, head of the company's Android development, would like to clear something up: Google is not in the phone-making business. 


PALM shares hammered 13% in one day

via by Derek Kessler on 10/30/09

If you happen to own shares of Palm stock, I recommend you turn away now, because if you thought Tuesday and Wednesday were bad…


Guess what? iTunes Breaks Pre syncing…Again

via My Pre by Juventino Quinones on 10/30/09

Okay, first of all, we all knew this one was coming, the cat and mouse game is still on between Palm and Apple. But I guess that doesn’t have to worry everyone out there, I mean, after all, you have been using something else instead of the infamous iTunes. Right?


App Catalog Reaches 314, Now we’re Talking

via My Pre by Juventino Quinones on 10/30/09

For the last couple of days we have seen the official App Catalog grow in numbers little by little, up to now, there are 314 apps. That is not bad at all, and according to the latest rumors, when the Palm Pixi arrives in November 15th, we will see not only more apps in the Catalog, but also an update to webOS…


Is The Desktop PC Doomed?

via InformationWeek Mobility News by Serdar Yegulalp on 10/31/09

The rise of Web-based apps, virtualization, and a crop of powerful mobile devices have the traditional PC desktop on the run. 


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